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* Bonus Terms: I, Jeff Johnson, am the only one who decides who gets a bonus, if any, and what that bonus will be. If you request a refund or miss any of your scheduled payments, if any, your bonus(es) will be forfeited.  I reserve the right to modify my bonus offer in any way, shape or form including cancelling it due to unforeseen circumstances . I also reserve the right to give you more cool free stuff than I promised.  "Lifetime Access" means that TTS 3.0 members will have access to the content that is in the membership site(s) for as long as it's available. I can't tell you how long that will be because I just don't know, but as long as there's a membership site(s) members will have access to the training material that's in there. Sorry, but It does NOT mean that I'll be adding new training material, or providing support for your Lifetime... that would be impossible to do since everyone dies at different times, including me 🙂 If you miss any of our scheduled installments, or request a refund your bonus items may be forfeited. Copies of Camtasia may be requested by  TTS 3.0 members (whose accounts are in good standing and who qualify for the bonus) approximately 7 days after their refund period ends.  Copies of Camtasia will not be given to TTS 3.0 members that request a refund, or miss any of their scheduled TTS 3.0 payments/installments. If you miss any of our scheduled installments, or request a refund your bonus items may be forfeited.